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Mark S. Burrows

Immanuel-Kant-Str. 18 – 20

D-44803 Bochum (Germany) /



2012ff. Protestant University of Applied Sciences (Evangelische Hochschule Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe), Bochum, Germany. Professor of Theology and Literature; Fachbereich I:  Soziale Arbeit, Bildung und Diakonie 

2007 Die Kirchliche Hochschule, Wuppertal (Germany); Visiting Professor of Spirituality and Ecumenics (Spring Semester, 2007)

1993 - 2011 Andover Newton Theological School (Newton Centre, MA), 1993 – 2011; professor of the History of Christianity; director of the Program for Worship, Theology and the Arts, 2003 - 2011.

1987 - 1992 Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC); Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and Historical Theology (1990 – 1992)



Princeton Theological 

1988  Ph.D. History of Christianity, summa cum laude

  1983  M.Div.     Summa cum laude; awarded the Fellowship in the History of Christianity

Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen (Germany)

1978 – 80        Graduate study in Philosophical and Historical Theology (Fulbright/ITT Fellowship; Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship)

Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) 

  1978  B.A. Summa cum laude; double major, Religious Studies and German Studies 



2014       Elected member of the “Bochumer Literaten”(

2013       Recipient of the Witter Bynner Poetry Foundation Fellowship for Translation

2013       Writer in Residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute (August, 2013)

2010       Received research grant from the Wabash Center to direct a collaborative project at the Boston Theological Institute on poetry and the religious imagination

2008     Elected as “Associate in the Arts” member of the St. Botolph Club, Boston

2007–8   Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology

2007–8   Theologian-in-Residence at Old South Church (Boston, MA)      

2008       Elected to Governing Board, the Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies (SARTS)

2003-4     President of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality

2002        Vice-President of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality

1997–00  Member of Governing Board, Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality

1996        Elected to the American Theological Society

1995        Elected to the Society of Biblical Theologians

1993-09   Elected to the Joint Doctoral Faculty with Boston College 

1992        Scholar-in-Residence, Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research (Collegeville, MN)

1991        Younger Scholar Fellowship from the Association of Theological Schools

1990        Awarded “The Sidney E. Mead Prize” for dissertation research and publication by the American Society of Church History


Poetic Revelations. Editor, with Jean Ward and Małgorzeta Grzegorzewska.  Vol, 3: The Power of the Word.  London:  Routledge, 2016

Breaking the Silence. Poetic Speech and the Kenotic Word. Editor, with Jean Ward and Małgorzeta Grzegorzewska.  Peter Lang, 2015

Minding the Spirit. The Study of Christian Spirituality. Editor, with Elizabeth Dreyer.  Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005

Jean Gerson and ‘De Consolatione Theologiae’ (1418). The Consolation of a Biblical and Reforming Theology for a Disordered Age. Tübingen: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1991.  Reprinted by Wipf and Stock Publications, 2010 (pb.).

Prophetic Memory for the Contemporary Church:  Collected Writings of C. C. Goen.  Editor.  Northlight Studio Press, 1991.

Biblical Hermeneutics in Historical Perspective. Studies in Honor of Karlfried Froehlich on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday.  Editor, with Paul Rorem.  Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1991.


The Chance of Home. Poems, 2018, Paraclete Press.

Meister Eckhart's Book of the Heart. Meditations for Restless Souls, with Jon M. Sweeney. Forthcoming in 2017, Hamden House Press

Paraclete Poetry Anthology. Editor.  Paraclete Press, 2016

Freut euch und singt:  Wild Goose Lieder aus der Iona Community.  Editor and translator, into German, of songs from the Iona Community in Scotland. Strube Verlag, 2015; second revised edition, 2018.

SAID, 99 Psalms.  Translated by Mark Burrows.  [First published as Psalmen.  Munich:  Beck  Verlag, 2007.]  Brewster, MA:  Paraclete Press, 2013.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Prayers of a Young Poet. Translated by Mark Burrows.  [Die Gebete (1899); first published as Das Stunden-Buch, Part I:  “Das Buch vom mönchischen Leben   (1905)].  Brewster, MA:  Paraclete Press, 2013.  Revised paperback edition, 2016.


Guest editor of issue focused on Christian spirituality:  The American Baptist Quarterly 17/3 (March, 1997)

Guest editor, with Paul Rorem, of issue on hermeneutics:  The Lutheran Quarterly n.s. 5 (1991)

Guest editor of issue comprised of essays by and tributes to C. C. Goen:  The American Baptist Quarterly 10/4 (1991) 


Julian’s “All” and the Politics of Paradise.  The Annual JulianFest Lecture, May, 2004, Waukesha,              WI:  The Order of Julian of Norwich, 2005. 


“Einführung,” in Gotthard Fermor, Ed., Rainer Maria Rilke, Das Buch der Pilgerschaft. Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlag, 2016)

“A Sense of Presence,” in Paraclete Poetry Anthology. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2016, xi –xxvii.

“Epiphanies of Mystery: On Hearing the Music of Silence at the Boundaries of Tradition,” Spiritus 16 (2016): 257 – 65.

“Seeing Through Words: Poetry as a Visual Art,” Arts (2016): 38 – 48.

“Henry David Thoreau – Grasping the Community of the World: A Review Essay,” The Polish Journal of American Studies 10 (2016).

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“Dreaming Beside the River:  The Mississippi as American Vernacular,” in Southern Quarterly (2016)

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“Listening into the Heart’s Silences.”  In Weavings 31 (2016): 26 – 30. 

“’The Poet Alone Unites the World’: The Poetics of Praise in Rainer Maria Rilke’s The Duino Elegies.”  In Literature and Theology 29 (2015):  415 – 30.

 “The Torn Flesh of Love.”  In Weavings 30 (2015): 31 – 36. 

 “Like a Word Still Ripening in the Silences”:  Rainer Maria Rilke and the Transformations of Poetry.  In Poetic Revelations.  Word Made Flesh Made Word.  Vol. 3, The Power of the Word.  Edited by Mark S. Burrows, Jean Ward, and Małgosia Grzegorzewska.  London:  Ashgate, 2015.

“’Prayer Is the Little Implement’:  Poetic Speech and the Gestures of Prayer in Christian Traditions.” In Poetry and Prayer.  Vol. 2, The Power of the Word.  Edited by Francesca Bugliani Knox and

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A volume of new poems, The Chance of Home, will be published in 2018.  Poems and translations have appeared in Poetry, Southern Quarterly, The Cortland Review, Anglican Theological Review, Eremos (Australia),Weavings, Almost Island, Metamorphoses, Reunion:  The Dallas Review, 91st Meridian, Oneing, AMOS (Germany), The Tablet, First Things, Christian Century, and The Seminary Ridge Review, among others.  A large number of my Rilke translations were published in two volumes by Stephanie Dowrick:  In the Company of Rilke (Allen and Unwin, 2007; Tarcher, 2011) and her recent anthology, Heaven on EarthTimeless Prayers of Wisdom and Love (Allen and Unwin, and Tarcher, 2014).  Poems have also appeared in Like Leaves in the Sun:  Prayers from the Iona Community (Wild Goose Publications, 2013), and in a multilingual anthology, An der Kreuzung der Kulturen, II, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the death of Else Lasker-Schüler (2015).



Member of the Advisory Board, “The Power of the Word” Conferences, sponsored by Heythrop College and the University of London, Institute of English Studies (London in 2011 and 2012; Gdansk, Poland, in 2013; Rome, in 2015; and, 2017, in Oxford).

Associate Editor of “In Poetry” for ARTS:  Journal of the Society for Religious and Theological Studies (2014–).

Founding member of the Advisory Board of the European Society for the Study of Christianity Spirituality (2014–).

Chair of panels at “The Power of the Word Conference IV” at Sant’ Anselmo, Rome, June, 2015; “The Power of the Word Conference III” at the University of Gdansk, Poland, September, 2013; “The Power of the Word Conference II” at Heythrop College and the University of   London, School of Advanced Studies, London, June, 2012.

Member of the Governing Board, Society for the Arts in Religion and Theological Studies, 2009 – 2013.

Poetry Editor for Spiritus.  A Journal of Christian Spirituality, 2008–.

Member of the Board, Ruah Spirituality Institute, Brookline, MA, 2002 – 12; trustee, 2002 – 2008.

Consulting Editor for Theologies and Cultures, Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Centre and Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan, 2002–. 

Member of the Editorial Board of Prism:  The Theological Forum of the United Church of Christ, 1997 – 2010.

President of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, 2002 – 3; Vice President, 2001 – 2. Program committee responsible for organizing medieval sections for the ASCH’s annual meeting in Chicago, IL, January, 2003.

Organized and chaired medieval history session at the AHA/ASCH annual meeting in Boston, MA, January, 2001.

Chaired session on medieval spirituality at the ASCH/ACHA meeting in Santa Fe, NM, April, 2001.

Member of the Joint Doctoral Faculty (History) of Boston College, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, and Andover Newton Theological School, 1993 – 2009; convener, History section, 2001 –  2.


Academy of American Poets (associate member)

American Academy of Religion 

American Literary Translators Association

Bochumer Literaten (invited member; 2014–)  

European Center for the Study of Spirituality (Advisory Board)

Internationale Rilke-Gesellschaft

Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality (past President)

Society for the Arts and Religion in Contemporary Culture (elected fellow)

Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies (past Board member)